Million Bottles

Over one million plastic bottles are used every minute worldwide. Far too much of this plastic ends up in landfill and our precious environment. Our towels have been made from RPET which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. RPET is made using plastic bottles that have been diverted from landfill making a path toward a greener, safer and cleaner future.

The Process

Bottles are selected and sorted onto bales at recycling centres and then sent to PET recycling facilities.

The bottles are cleaned and the labels and caps are removed. The bottles are then shredded into flakes using mechanical bale breaker. The flakes are then cleaned again and throughly checked so they have no impurities

They then go through a de-polymerisation and re-polymerisation process to be turned into PET pellets.

Spinneret, Melted & Cooled

The pellets are then passed through a spinneret, then melted and cooled into fibres, which are then smoothed, stretched. The produced yarn is then placed onto reels ready to be woven into towels.

So now when you are laying on your towel you can now think back to its humble beginnings and the journey that it has had to get to you today. You can also reflect on the extended life that you have given those bottles that would that may have otherwise ended up as landfill or rubbish in our beautiful environment.